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Heel Support ViscoSpot by Bauerfeind

Specially developed for the treatment of plantar tendopathy. An area of softer silicone is incoporated on the medial side of the cushion, the area most sensitive to plantar faciitis pain. Heel Support ViscoSpot is also medially posted to redirect pressure.

Can be used to treat:

Plantar fasciitis, Back pain, Heel spurs, Joint pain, arthritis pain (knee, ankles, hips), Fat pad atrophy


ViscoSpot are sold in pairs

Sold in Pairs

Sizes based on shoe size
Sizes Men Women Item#
I 5 - 6 3 - 8 13017201000501
II 7 + 8 + 13017201000502


Price $56.95 Pair - Free Ground Shipping

Low Price Guarantee


The ViscoSpot - clinically proven 95% effective for addressing heel pain. Bauerfeind's ViscoSpot  is extemely soft.  The ViscoSpot is made of medical grade silicone.  The ViscoSpot  has a blue area that is more than twice as soft as the surrounding area. For study excerpt click here.

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